On this website you will find information and products for extrusion lines.


Melt pumps:

eprotec extrusion technology AG 

Swiss company eprotec manufactures high quality melt pumps for film and sheet extrusion as well as for compounding. These melt pumps are designed especially according the application. This is reason why these pumps are used also for demanding application like extrusion with fillers (even glass fibres, barium-sulfate, e.g.). Also in extrusion of plastics with very low viscosity an exact melt pump design is necessary.

Spare parts for melt-pumps:

eprotec offers also spare parts for melt-pumps from original different suppliers.

Electrostic discharging, charging, web cleaning

Hildebrand Technology AG

Hildebrand (Division of Gema Switzerland, St. Gallen) manufactures systems for electrostatic discharging (neutralising), charging and web cleaning. These products are used in extrusion of plastics, manufacturing of fleece, e.g. 

Thickness gauges, inline thickness measurement:

SBI Produktion Technischer Anlagen GmbH & Co.KG

Austrian company SBI manufactures thickness gauges for film and sheet extrusion as well as retrofit-able automatic systems for extrusion-dies.
According application these thickness gauges are equipped with different sensor systems.
Thickness measurement XRS is equipped with soft X-ray sensor system. This system uses X-ray sources with low performance. This is reason why the can be installed in extrusion lines without operation licenses and special trained safety officers.
XRS is developed for thin film from some micron thickness up to some hundred (according material).
Thickness gauges SHADOW and KAPA are designed for sheet extrusion lines with rollstand. Thickness from about 50 micron up to some mm is the range where you can install these measurement systems. Typically for films of plastics such as PET, PP, PS, ABS, PA, PC ... and of course also for multilayer film)
Thickness gauge STG is installed in extrusion lines for thick sheets (ABS, HIPS, PS, PC, PMMA, HDPE, PP e.g.). 

Thickness control:

All thickness gauges can be used extrusion of film and sheet with controlled thickness. 

Automatic systems for extrusion-dies:

SBI manufactures different automatic systems for extrusion dies. These systems can be installed at most of existing extrusion dies. To retrofit existing extrusion-dies is the most economic option to change for extrusion with controlled thickness. Many manufacturers of extrusion dies install SBI's thickness gauges for their "automatic extrusion dies". For example famous Taiwanese extrusion-die manufacturer GMA.

SBI offers from thickness measurement systems to automatic systems for extrusion-dies a complete package for sheet extrusion with controlled thickness from one hand.